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Matthew Cretzman

Matthew “Dude/Bro” Cretzman, a Canadian-American with a charming cross-cultural personality and fluency in Spanish, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stormbreaker Digital. Born on December 8, Matthew was introduced to the world of marketing at a young age and quickly developed a passion for creating brands and bringing them to life. This childhood interest evolved into a lifelong pursuit, empowering Matthew to foster innovation and strategic transformation in businesses worldwide.

Matthew is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, a business strategist, and a marketing expert with a knack for accelerating growth. His extensive professional experience spans a diverse range of sectors, including NHL, NBA, SaaS, logistics, manufacturing, coaching, public speaking, real estate, home services, medical, cybersecurity, and IT.

Prior to establishing Stormbreaker Digital, Matthew spent six years as a nonprofit founder in partnership with John Maxwell’s EQUIP International. During this period, he trained leaders worldwide, established over 350 global partnerships, and founded the Azlynn Noelle Children’s Home in India, an endeavor that has changed hundreds of children’s lives.

After a personal tragedy, Matthew authored a children’s book telling his daughter’s story and successfully funded it through Kickstarter. This inspiring journey paved the way for the inception of Stormbreaker Digital, a growth marketing agency named after his favorite Marvel character.

Matthew is also the instructor of The BCT Framework Masterclass, where he teaches the application of his BCT formula – Business Transformation, Collaborative Strategies, and Tactical Execution. This framework is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and professionals achieve remarkable success through strategic planning and execution. As a dynamic speaker and thought leader, Matthew has shared his insights on business strategies, leadership, collaboration, and digital transformation at various industry conferences and events.

Matthew is always open to engaging in enriching conversations and sharing knowledge about various topics including marketing, health, fitness, faith, and technology hacks. His ultimate goal is to continue empowering businesses to adapt, grow, and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

A message from Matt

I remember the first time I was introduced to the creative world of marketing.

I was about 12 years old. My dad worked for a natural foods distributor. And clip art was a thing.

So we brainstormed a new cereal brand and I created a “label” with a hungry guy devouring that cereal with about 23 copy/pasted boxes all around him

We laughed. It went nowhere. But I was hooked. Dreaming up a brand and making it come to life would be an integral part of the rest of my life.

Fast forward to my twenties….

I spent 6 years as a nonprofit founder, traveling the world training leaders as a partner with John Maxwell’s EQUIP International. Through my nonprofit, I was able to build over 350 partners across the globe with 1,000s of leaders trained.

Enter another defining moment…

After unexpectedly losing my 3-year-old daughter in a car accident in 2012, I saw an opportunity— to leverage what many would call a tragedy and do something special. So, I wrote a children’s book telling my daughter’s story and got it completely funded on Kickstarter.

And, long story short, I wound up in India and ended up starting a children’s home called the Azlynn Noelle Children’s Home. Hundreds of kids’ stories have been gloriously rewritten through that miracle home. Needless to say, a piece of my heart lies across the ocean.

Forty-five states and a dozen countries later, my time in nonprofit allowed me to refine my marketing and communication skills, as I spoke and shared stories of my experiences to more people than I can remember.

I then pivoted and leveraged my marketing skills to start a growth marketing agency called Stormbreaker Digital. (We’re Marvel fans. Can you guess my fav character? Hint: axe.)
Today, I’m a B2B lead generation expert, with a knack for combining data, personalization, & automation to generate sales opportunities.

I’ve worked directly with clients from the NHL, NBA, in SaaS, logistics, manufacturing, coaches, speakers, sales execs, sales teams, commercial real estate, professional home services, doctors, dentists, cybersecurity, IT, and many others.

Aside from sales and marketing, I’m also passionate about health, fitness, and faith.

In 2019, I lost 40lbs and ran 7 Spartan races, have been Keto for 2+ years now. And, I’m a devoted father to two awesome girls, a Pomsky puppy, and a Himalayan cat. The latter two don’t get along so well.

I love conversations about any topics mentioned above and am always open to sharing what I’ve learned — including tech and cutting edge hacks that few people know exist.

And, I’m a devoted husband to my beautiful wife, father to two awesome girls, a Pomsky puppy, and a two cats. Things are a little chaotic from time to time.

Let’s chat! 💬 👇🏼

Matthew Cretzman
Founder and CEO



Matt is a dynamic motivational speaker who inspires and empowers teams and organizations worldwide. His words are a gift to people on a path of purpose.