Joram Osaze

Director Of B2B Lead Generation

Meet Joram Osaze, the “Master Networker” and the Director of B2B Lead Generation at Stormbreaker Digital.

Joram brings a unique blend of expertise to Stormbreaker, leveraging a deep understanding of LinkedIn growth hacking strategies and lead generation to position clients ahead of their competition. His role at Stormbreaker involves harnessing the power of digital platforms to develop high-quality B2B leads, creating valuable connections that propel our clients’ businesses forward.

His journey began at Kenyatta University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. He developed a keen interest in analytical and problem-solving skills, which he later applied in the digital marketing sphere, gaining recognition for his ability to optimize LinkedIn profiles for increased visibility and engagement.

His tenure as a Junior Media Buyer at Amplifii Corporation and Virtual Administrator at Realtypin equipped him with a wealth of knowledge in project management, B2B communication, and customer service, which he brings to his current role.

Joram’s passion for LinkedIn growth hacking and lead generation has translated into remarkable results at Stormbreaker. His innovative strategies, combined with a robust understanding of the digital landscape, have made him instrumental in the company’s success, driving the formation of valuable B2B connections and increasing lead generation for our clients.

Joram’s growth mindset, exceptional skills, and dedication to success make him a vital part of Stormbreaker’s mission to provide innovative digital solutions to our clients. With his leadership, we continue to break new grounds in B2B lead generation and digital marketing.