Inclusivity builds a stronger workforce.

There is no shortage of talent in today’s Neurodistinct community, yet employers are experiencing acute hiring and retention challenges.

With job vacancies at a nationwide high, there’s never been a better time to bridge this gap.

Potentia is that bridge.

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Why Partner With Potentia?

We combine decades of experience in workforce optimization and recruitment to provide employers with a roadmap for attracting, interviewing, onboarding and managing a Neurodistinct workforce.

Through our service programs, employers are introduced to a much larger talent pool of professionals that are often overlooked in traditional recruitment efforts.

Companies who have engaged our services report a 96% employee retention rate, 45% more productive and a 2x faster skill acquisition.

Organizations partner with us based on our experience but also what that delivers. High performing Talent you otherwise might have missed, Metrics that demonstrate results, and a set of Best Practices you can integrate to optimize your overall human capital strategy.

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Did you know?

What is Neurodiversity?

Over 25% of today’s adult population is neurodiverse. Yet most businesses miss the opportunity to fully leverage this talented community.

Many people focus on the difference and ignore the incredible strengths these individuals bring. Organizations who have invested in hiring Neurodistinct professionals report lower turnover, higher productivity, and improved employee engagement.

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Benefits Of Hiring Neurodistinct Professionals

96% Average
Retention Rate
45% More Productive
and Innovative
2x Faster Skill
Workforce Culture
More Effective